Centre facilities at BSD Training Ltd

We have a purpose built training centre designed specifically for the purpose of training and assessment for a wide range of construction and industrial plant and machinery.

Our Industrial Forklift training area contains all the necessary training aids and equipment to allow full delivery of the ITSSAR accredited training course for Counterbalance, Reach, Pallet and Powered Pallet Truck Training.


 Industrial Forklift Training facilities include;

- Counterbalance Forklift Truck.

- Low/Eye/High level racking systems.

- Restricted access / narrow isles for travelling.

- Corner stacking pallets.

- Wide and unbalanced loads.

- Ramps/slopes.

- Forklift battery charging / refuelling facilities.

- Outdoor and indoor training areas.

- 90° Turn areas.


The Construction Plant Training area contains a wide variety of terrains, slopes, obstacles, loads and a range of plant and machinery available at our training centre for training and assessment purposes.

Due to the stringent testing requirements of the various awarding bodies for plant operator qualifications we find that many sites don't come up to the specification required to properly carryout the practical assessment. For this reason we have spent considerable time and resources into developing our plant training area to meet these test requirements and ensure that a thorough and fair practical assessment is conducted in an environment that is free from distractions and workplace pressures to give candidates the best opportunity to successfully complete their assessments.


Construction Plant Training facilities include; 

- Rough/Uneven Terrain

- Steep Slopes

- Side Slopes

- Excavation area for digger training

- High level Loading tower for Telescopic Handler

- Narrow Access Paths/Roadways

- Low traction terrain

- Indoor Digging Area

- Stockpiles

- Simulated overhead and underground hazards

- Simulated vehicle loading area

- Range of Palletised and non palletised loads

- Slinging equipment

- ATV/4X4 specific training area

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