CPCS A10 Excavator 180 below 5 tonnes Training Northern Ireland

There are a number of activities involved with the CPCS A10 Excavator 180 <5 tonne technical test that can be carried out at BSD Training in Lisburn, Northern Ireland including;

1. Complete all manufacturers’ pre-start and running checks and prepare the excavator for travel
2. Travel to the work area and;
a. Travel up and down the slope
b. Pass through a restriction in forward and reverse
c. Travel over rough terrain
3. Prepare and set the excavator for the relevant work
4. Produce 2 x straight trenches in a “T” pattern with square starts and finishes
5. Load material into a vehicle
6. Change the (backhoe) bucket
7. Lift the load from minimum radius, position the load at 75% of full radius and rotate for 180 degrees. On completion land the load at a given point and detach
8. Reinstate the work area back to the original using all the function of the multi-purpose bucket
9. Park the excavator and carry out shut down and securing procedures

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