CPCS A16 Industrial Forklift Truck Training Northern Ireland

There are a number of activities involved with the CPCS A16 Industrial Forklift technical test including;

1. Complete all manufacturers’ pre-start and running checks and prepare the forklift for travel
2. In a loaded and unloaded state;
a. Travel up and down the slope
b. Pass through a chicane executing full right and left turns in a forward and reverse direction
c. Stop and restart on the incline whilst loaded
3. With load 3, reverse with a load in a straight line for at least 15 metres and pass through a restriction at the end of the run
4. Prepare and set the forklift for each lift
5. Lift and place a load onto the tower. When placed, move the forklift away from the tower. Then retrieve the load, lower to ground level and place at a given point
6. Lift and place 3 x load 2 onto the truck bed. On completion, destack all of load 2 and place alongside each other in a straight line
7. Carry out undercutting by both lifting and placing a load
8. All loads to be placed at ground level following completion of each activity
9. Park the forklift and carry out shut down and securing procedures

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