CPCS A22 Tracked Loading Shovel Training Northern Ireland

There are a number of activities involved with the CPCS A22 Tracked Loading shovel technical test at BSD Training Northern Ireland including;

1. Complete all manufacturers’ pre-start and running checks and prepare the loading shovel for travel
2. In a loaded and unloaded state;
a. Travel up and down the slope
b. Stop and start on the slope in the up direction
c. Stop and start on the slope in the down direction
d. Travel over rough terrain
e. Reverse (loaded only) in a straight line for a minimum of 30 metres and pass through a restriction at the end of the run 
3. Prepare and set the loading shovel for the relevant work
4. Using material from the bank, create an upward ramp
5. Load material into a vehicle
6. Clean and tidy the work area
7. Park the Loading Shovel and carry out shut down and securing procedures

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