CSR Plant Card Assessments in Northern Ireland

CSR operates a plant competence scheme and is affiliated to the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS). The Scheme is the main standard for Plant Operators in Northern Ireland. A wide range of construction plant and equipment is covered by the Scheme.

A full list of CSR ‘categories’ and endorsements is provided in this section that BSD Training Northern Ireland can train and assess for. A category is defined as an item of plant or equipment used within the construction industry in accordance with the manufacturer’s basic design, or an agreed duty or occupation involving plant operations, e.g. Appointed Person,Slinger/Signaller. Certain categories have endorsements; these are sub-categories that reflect the variations in a category, for example, by weight, size, capacity or application.


Please use the links below for more information on the different card types and categories that we can provide you with;

What Cards are available under CSR for Plant Operatives

CSR Plant Categories available

Renewing CSR Plant Operatives Card

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