Manual handling and Fire Awareness Driver CPC Training

This course is ideal if you want to ensure that you are carrying out a safety lift each time you manually handle materials and packages.

Candidates will participate in theory lessons and practical demonstrations / exercise, all of which are highlighted by the use of PowerPoint & Videos covering: - 

  • The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1999 Health and Safety at Work Order 1978 & other relevant legislation. 
  • Duties of Employers. 
  • Duties of Employees. 
  • Identifying the load. 
  • Anatomy of the spine. 
  • Principles of good movement. 
  • Types & causes of injury. 
  • Practical application of lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying and safety lift

The 2nd half of the day contains the fire awareness section and this unit covers;

  • Nature and types of fires 
  • Causes of Fire and Fire Spread. 
  • Means of Escape from Fire. 
  • Moving in Smoke. 
  • Methods of tackling an outbreak of Fire. 
  • Identification of Extinguishers. 
  • Safety issues in tackling an Outbreak of Fire. 
  • Types of fire and smoke spread. 
  • Safe use of extinguishers. 
  • Correct methods of fire attack and safe withdrawal.

This course is CITB approved, for more information or to make a course booking please contact us on 0289263949 or

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