Manual Handling course at BSD Training Northern Ireland

Manual Handling injuries cost the UK economy millions in lost working hours each year. If the manual handling injuries could be reduced through proper training of how to handle loads and lift safely it could save your company time and money. Our Manual Handling course is approved by ITSSAR and is also CITB approved to ensure you get the best quality training possible.

There are a number of topics and practical exercises covered during the course including; 

- The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992.
- Health and Safety at Work Order 1978 & other relevant legislation.
- Repetitive strain injuries
- Duties of Employers.
- Duties of Employees.
- Identifying the load.
- Planning lifts
- Anatomy of the spine.
- Principles of good movement.
- Posture when lifting
- Types & causes of injury.
- 8 steps of safe lifting
- Practical application of lifting, pushing, pulling and carrying.
- Practical work 
- Single lifting floor to desk, desk to floor, above head to desk height to floor level.
- Lifting involving the need to avoid twisting
- Team lifting two person lift, three person lifts.
- Lifting when seated
- Off centre of gravity lifts
- Awkward lifts
- Lifting through doorways
- Carrying various types of load
- Carrying upstairs / downstairs
- Team lift upstairs / downstairs
- Lifting using company handling aids

For more information or to make a course booking please contact us on 02892639459 or

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