Pallet Truck Training Northern Ireland

All trainees are trained and tested to ITSSAR standard and our purpose built training facility exceeds all the practical and theoretical requirements laid down by ITSSAR for forklift training. We have both electric ride on and pedestrian pallet trucks available at our premises for training. It is a legal requirement to provide users of Pallet trucks with suitable training and instruction in their safe operation. There is a myth that the simple pallet truck does not require operator training and anyone can just go ahead and start using them. Wait until there is an accident, the operator is claiming personal injury, the case goes to court, the first thing the judge will ask is what training has the injured person received to allow them to operate a pallet truck safely.

Generally courses last either 1/2 day - 1 day.

The half day course is designed for re licences or those candidates with years of experience. The full days course is for novice operators that are new to pallet truck operation.

The Pallet Truck course comprises of a number of different topics in both the practical and theoretical aspect of the training;

•Introduction to truck
•Mount/Dismount/Driving and Truck Familiarisation
•Hydraulic pick up set down correctly
•Pallet Truck Stability
•Handling loaded Pallets
•Safety Lift
•Rating Plate
•Chicane Unloaded/Loaded
•Daily Inspection, Takeover and Maintenance
•Corner Stacking Pallet
•Working on Slopes and Ramps
•Various Loads in a confined area

This course is CITB approved, to make a course booking please contact us on Tel; 02892639459 or

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