Slinging / Signaller Training Northern Ireland

The ITSSAR Slinger / Signaller course aims to equip you with the skills needed to effectively assist crane operators in moving and placing loads in a Construction or warehousing environment. We have our own tower crane that is used for the practical training and assessments and a wide range of web slings, lifting chains, hooks, load clamps, guide ropes and lifting accessories available to carry out the training with as well as a range of different loads from concrete skips through to bundles of scaffolding and off set weighted loads to ensure that a broad a range of lifting tasks are competed throughout the course.

1. Check equipment for function and serviceability
2. From two or more examples each of a web sling, chain cling and wire rope, identify the correct type of accessory and impound all unserviceable items
3. From at least 2 examples of lifting equipment certification, identify certification not meeting current legislation or regulations
4. Establish communication methods (visual and with radios) with the crane operator
5. Select the relevant lifting accessory for the load to be lifted
6. Attach the selected lifting accessory and prepare each load for lifting
7. Lift load 1 from ground level, guide and land in a designated place out of sight of the crane operator. When landed, return the load to the original start point, land at a designated place and detach the accessory
8. Lift load 2 from ground level, guide to maximum radius of the crane, slew for at least 180 degrees and land at a designated place which is at mid-radius. When landed, detach the accessory.
9. Lift load 3 from ground level, guide to minimum radius of the crane, slew for at least 360 degrees and land at a designated place which involves a change of radius. When landed, detach the accessory
10. All loads to be made safe following each activity
11. Collect and store all lifting accessories

This Course is CITB approved.

For more information or to make a course booking please contact us on 02892639459 or info@bsdtraining,com

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