Dozer Training

Dozers are useful pieces of equipment if you need to level ground or create an in filled area of ground quickly and efficiently. Due to this their popularity in the construction and civil engineering industries have been invaluable for many years and are still widely used through out the industry.

Our Dozer training course covers a number of topics and is CITB Approved.

1. Complete all manufacturers’ pre-start and running checks and prepare the dozer for travel
2. Travel to the work area and;
a. Travel up and down the slope
b. Pass through a restriction
c. Travel over rough terrain
3. Prepare and set the dozer for the relevant work
4. Produce a straight trench to the specified dimensions and form a stockpile
5. Side cast material from the embankment to the specified dimensions
6. Reinstate the work area back to the original state
7. Park the dozer and carry out shut-down and securing procedures

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