Dump Truck Training

Rear Tipping dump Trucks are often seen used in Quarries and large Civil Engineering Jobs such as road and stadium construction jobs. The volume of materials able to be carried by rear tipping dump trucks and the wide variety of terrain that they are capable of operating over see them still as first port of call when heavy loads needs moved across busy sites.

The Rear Tipping Dump Truck course is approved by CITB and below is a brief course content of what is covered during the training

1. Complete all manufacturers’ pre-start and running checks and prepare the dump truck for travel
2. In a loaded and unloaded state;
a. Travel up and down the slope
b. Stop and start on the slope in the up direction
c. Stop and start on the slope in the down direction
d. Stop on the slope in the down direction and reverse back up for a minimum of 5 metres
e. Drive through a restriction (unladen only)
f. Travel over rough terrain
g. Reverse (loaded only) in a straight line for a minimum of 50 metres and pass through a restriction at the end of the run
3. Position dump truck for loading
4. Receive a load which fills the body to capacity
5. Discharge the load over the edge or into the excavation
6. Clean out the body fully
7. Park the dump truck and carry out shut-down and securing procedures

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