Grass Cutting Equipment


Grass cutting equipment is widely used in the horticulture industries throughout Northern Ireland and it is important that staff receive training on their safe use and operation. This not only ensures that you meet your legal obligations for providing training but will also help reduce costs as operators are often more efficient while they work and the reduction in accidents will help reduce company costs as a result.

It is important that any operators of any plant and machinery receive suitable and sufficient training on the piece of equipment that they operate. We can provide a training solution that will ensure that operators receive training specific to their work tasks. There are a number of awarding body accreditations available for Grass Cutting Equipment training including LANTRA and also an in house certification approved by the CITB are all available here at BSD Training.

Identify the risks associated with the use of ride-on mowers.
Select appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).
Identify and understand the function of all instruments and controls.
Carry out daily checks as indicated in the operator’s manual.
Carry out pre-start checks.
Identify and report any faults.
Adjust the cutting mechanism to achieve the required standard.
Operate the machine in a safe and competent manner.
Perform after-use maintenance.
Be able to load and transport the machine (if appropriate).

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