Confined Space Training - Low Risk Course

1 Day Course

What is a confined space?

A “confined space” is considered as any space, of an enclosed nature, with a reasonably foreseeable, specified risk of Fire or Explosion, Overheating, Bad Atmosphere, Drowning or Free Flowing Solids.

This Course is the next stage to the Awareness course. On the 1 Day course you will cover the confined spaces awareness topics as well as a practical session on the safe use of emergency escape sets in our custom built confined spaces training facility.

Whats covered on the 1 day confined spaces course?

  • The main legal requirements relating to confined space working as prescribed in the Confined Spaces Regulations (NI) 1999.
  • Use and understand permit to work systems.
  • Have an understanding of the confined spaces risk assessment process and methodology.
  • Identify and maintain a safe system of work for entering, working in and leaving a confined space.
  • Safely enter and exit confined spaces.
  • Ventilate confined spaces to purge or reduce gaseous atmospheres.
  • Communication processes that would be used in confined spaces.
  • Identify gaseous atmospheres that are found in confined spaces.
  • Use gas detection equipment and monitoring equipment to detect and monitor gaseous atmospheres.
  • PPE that would be reasonably required when carrying out confined space working.
  • Selection, checks and safe use of Emergency Escape Sets.

What do I get at the end of the course?

Upon successful completion of the 1 day Low Risk Entry Course you will be awarded with a certificate of training in Low Risk entry of confined spaces.

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