Fire Safety Courses

1/2 Day - 1 Day

Fire Awareness and Safe use of Extinguishers Course;

Candidates will participate in theory lessons and practical demonstrations / exercise, all of which are highlighted by the use of PowerPoint & Videos..

Whats covered on the Fire Awareness and Safe use of Extinguishers Course?

Below is a course content / outline for the fire awareness course at BSD training Northern Ireland.

  • Nature and types of fires

  • Causes of Fire and Fire Spread.

  • Means of Escape from Fire.

  • Moving in Smoke.

  • Methods of tackling an outbreak of Fire.

  • Identification of Extinguishers.

  • Safety issues in tackling an Outbreak of Fire.

  • Types of fire and smoke spread.

  • Safe use of extinguishers.

  • Correct methods of fire attack and safe withdrawal.

Fire Marshall/Fire Warden Course;

There are a number of topics covered in our Fire Marshal / Warden training that will help you meet the legal requirements for fire Marshal Training.

Whats covered on the Fire Marshall/Fire Warden Course?

Below is a course content/outline;

  • Fire legislation relevant to Northern Ireland

  • The duties of a fire Marshall/warder

  • Classes of fire and their characteristics

  • Fire fighting procedures

  • Causes of and prevention of fires

  • Fixed fire fighting installations

  • Evacuation assembly point and fire drills

  • Fire alarm types and operation

  • Common fire hazards

  • Human Behaviour in the event of a Fire

  • Fire risk assessments

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