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There is a wide range of ride on mowers in use today, and if they are used correctly and maintained properly then they should pose very little risk to you or to anyone that is near to the machine. Sometimes accidents can happen, normally for very simple reasons, and that is why training is always important.

The aim of our Ride on Mowers (Rotary, Cylinder and Flail available) training course is to provide you either as a new or experienced user with an insight into safety awareness and risk assessment in order to reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring.

Once you have successfully carried out this course you will receive a certificate of training in Ride on Mowers – Rotary, Cylinder or Flail, A combined course for all 3 is also available.

Who is it for?

Our training course will suit you if you are currently using a Ride on Mower – Rotary, Cylinder or Flail as part of your work, and our three day course is for both the novice and experienced user who would like their skills to be verified with certification.

What will you get from it?

Identify the risks associated with the use of ride-on mowers.
Select appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).
Identify and understand the function of all instruments and controls.
Carry out daily checks as indicated in the operator’s manual.
Carry out pre-start checks.
Identify and report any faults.
Adjust the cutting mechanism to achieve the required standard.
Operate the machine in a safe and competent manner.
Perform after-use maintenance.
Understand requirements for travelling on the public road.
Be able to load and transport the machine (if appropriate).

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