PA2F – Mounted or Trailed Wick Type Applicator - Weed Wiper

1 Days training followed by a 2-3 hour assessment

Pesticides are very widely and successfully used in land-based industries, but they can be potentially harmful substances, therefore it is essential that they are handled, applied and stored correctly, which makes training essential.

The NPTC PA2F Pesticide assessment course in the Weed wiper has experienced instructors who will guide you through the appropriate and safe use of the Weed wipers.

Who is it for?

Our Weed wiper / Weed licker training course is for anyone who uses vehicle mounted / trailed weed wiping equipment as part of their work.

If you would like to attend this course you must be able to proficiently use, and drive the particular vehicle(s) (either tractor mounted Weed wiper / Weed licker or ATV/Quad mounted Weed wiper / Weed licker) used during the training, you also should have attended and completed the Safe Use of Pesticides course, PA1 course prior to taking the PA2F Assessment.

What does the PA2F Course cover?

  • Identify and describe how vehicle mounted / trailer wiping equipment works
  • Prepare and set up vehicle mounted / trailed weed wiper/licker machines
  • Identify and describe how a wiping machine works
  • Set and calibrate the machine for a given application
  • Fill the weed wiper/licker equipment safely
  • Clean and decontaminate all the equipment safely
  • Operate a weed wiper/licker machine safely and effectively.

What other pesticide courses do you offer?

At BSD Training we can offer a wide range of City and Guilds NPTC Pesticide training and assessment courses including;
PA1 Safe use of Pesticides
PA2A Vehicle mounted boom sprayer training and assessment
PA6A Handheld Applicators training and assessment
PA6AW Handheld Applicators used near to water training and assessment
PA6INJ Handheld Minimal Calibration Injection equipment training and assessment

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