Work at Height inc Use of Ladders

1/2 Day Course

Injuries and fatalities resulting from falls from working at height are on the increase in the UK. Many of these accidents could be simply and easily avoided if simple processes were put in place to ensure safe working at height.

What' s covered on the Work at Height course?

There are a number of topics and practical exercises covered during the course including;

  • Current Legislation
  • Hierarchy of Risk
  • User requirements when working on scaffolding
  • Work Platforms & MEWP’s
  • Anchor selection
  • Fall Arrest, work restraint, work positioning
  • Personal Fall Protection Equipment
  • Ladders, Stepladders and Hop-ups
  • Working on roofs
  • Equipment Inspection
  • Fragile Surfaces
  • Risk Assessment Principles
  • Practical session in the safe use of Ladders

Is this a theory only course?

No. There is a theoretical session covering legislation, work at height methods of access etc and then this is followed up by a practical session which puts into practice the topics covered during the theory lesson and also assesses your ability to safely setup and use a ladder for short duration light work at height activities.

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