New Skyjack SJ3219 takes over IPAF training duties

Published on 01.03.2022

The time has come to retire our current Skyjack SJ3219 scissors lift from its IPAF Training duties. It has provided 7 years of faultless service and has been used for 2,432 IPAF Tests since 2015.

In keeping with our drive to ensure we have the most up to date and current fleet of plant and machinery for training with; it was an easy decision to once again go with a new Skyjack SJ3219 Scissors lift.

The new model has a number of changes over their previous version including improved pothole protection system but the most important improvements from an IPAF Training perspective is the simplified emergency lowering procedures which no longer requires manually turning a relief valve on the lift ram. Instead Emergency lowering is achieved by using a simple switch and pull lever system.

A further improvement which will help with walking the machine, travelling around a corner forwards and backwards and travelling through tight spaces element of the IPAF Practical Test is the lengthened control panel cable. With the new machine the cable from the control panel to the machine is now much longer allowing operators to stand further away from the machine while walking it and will aid with all round visibility of the scissors lift while manoeuvring through tight areas.

We run IPAF Scissors Lift (3A), Mobile Boom Lift (3B) and Static Boom Lift (1B) training at our centre every week so have a look at our course schedule for our up and coming course dates or give us a call on 02892639459.

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