NiftyLift 150TPE joins the IPAF Training Fleet

Published on 13.04.2022

Our IPAF Training fleet revamp continues with addition of a NiftyLift 150TPE to the team. Our previous Genie TZ50 has served us well over the past 5 years delivering numerous IPAF 1B tests during that time.

In keeping with our drive to ensure we minimise our environmental impact whilst carrying out training courses we have made the decision to go with a Bi Energy NiftyLift 150 TPE static Boom lift. By choosing a Bi Energy machine we can ensure that we can conduct 6 IPAF 1B tests without having to worry about battery life. Due to the rigorous testing regime candidates have to undertake for the 1B category solely relying on battery power alone is not an option, however with a Bi Energy machine the battery power can be utilised to its full potential at which point the machine can be switched over to a low emission petrol engine if necessary. This ensures that there is no downtime having to recharge the batteries and tests can continue with no inconvenience to the operators.

The Nifty Lift 150TPE is fitted with hydraulically operated outriggers to make setting up a quick and simple task. Also fitted is Nifty Lifts 'Traction Drive' which is an integrated drive system that assists with the manoeuvring and positioning of Niftylift trailer mounts by a single operator when on-site and disconnected from the towing vehicle.

Operated from controls next to the tow hitch, Nifty 'Traction Drive' allows an operator to maximise their effectiveness on any series of tasks allowing them to be performed quickly and safely without the need for extra assistance. When engaged, 'Traction Drive' uses hydraulically powered 'drums' to turn the road wheels in order to position the machine. This provides more traction than with alternatives such as powered jockey wheels and enables an operator to negotiate slopes that without Traction Drive would be inaccessible.

We run IPAF Scissors Lift (3A), Mobile Boom Lift (3B) and Static Boom Lift (1B) training at our centre every week so have a look at our course schedule for our up and coming course dates or give us a call on 02892639459.

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